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Standard Type 500 Series Standard Type 500 Series
Off-the-shelf, standard units reflect the latest in heat exchanger technology for maximum performance and low cost. Ideal for OEM applications. Numerous design and material options are available. Shells range from 2" to 12".
Custom Shell Custom Shell
A wide variety of shell and tube exchangers, including all TEMA types, are available using pre-engineered or custom engineered designs. Sizes, thicknesses and materials are selected to meet the most demanding customer requirements. Shell diameters from 6" to unlimited. ASME, TEMA, API, ABS and other code constructions available.
Optidesign Heat Exchangers Optidesign Heat Exchangers
Straight-tube, removable bundle exchangers made from standard components. Floating tube sheet for seal leak detection and easy maintenance. Diameters from 6" to 42". ASME, API, TEMA, ABS and other codes available.
Intercoolers/Aftercoolers Intercoolers/Aftercoolers
Straight tube, counterflow aftercoolers designed to yield cool, dry compressed air. Available with or without accompanying moisture separators and constructed to a wide variety of design codes. Diameters from 6" to 42".
Type ES Coolers Type ES Coolers
Unique, patented plate-fin design for centrifugal or axial compressor intercooler and aftercooler applications and minimal pressure loss. Design eliminates separators. ASME code design is standard. Diameters from 22" to 120".
Centraflow Steam Surface Condensers Centraflow Steam Surface Condensers
Durable, flexible design for industrial steam turbine applications. Common accessories such as condensate pumps, liquid level controls, atmospheric relief valves and expansion joints are available. Construction to HEI and ASME (tubeside only) design codes. Shell diameters from 22".

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