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Electric Heating Equipment

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Circulation Heaters

Single Chamber circulation heater designed for air or gas heating with a minimum pressure drop.

Lube oil heating package, including pump and motor assembly.  All such systems are tested prior to shipment.  This system designed for installation in a hazardous location.
Blower Packages

Recalculating heating-moisturizing system designed to provide 300 SCFM air between ambient and 130 F.  System included a Gaumer-designed humidifying chamber capable of adding sufficient water to maintain a controlled 50% - 100% relative humidity.
Pump Systems

Triple zone Liquid Heating System mounted on a single frame with a common expansion tank.
Hot Oil Systems - Standard

Standard GHOS Hot Oil System with a side panel removed.  Note the internal insulated piping and the built-in oil collector sump under the pump for maintenance purposes.
Control Panels

Type SCPA multi-circuit control panel suitable for free-standing installation near heating package.  Over-temperature protection and safety magnetic contractors provided on all circuits.  NEMA 4 available with X, Y, Z purge to meet hazardous location requirements.

Type ZPA control panel assembly designed for remote mounting from heater system package.  System included capability to provide shorted SCR warning to instrument control room personnel.

This natural convection type walk-in oven provided adequate temperature without the use of recalculating blower.  Special care was given to the layout of the heating system.
Special Systems / Applications

Dowthern Vaporizer Package designed for Class I, Division 1, Group D Classification.  Complete assembly designed and manufactured by Gaumer.
Heated Tanks

Rectangular Hot Melt Tank with "double tank" construction and a special heat transfer liquid in he outer tank which allows temperature control 2 Degrees.
Flanged Heaters

Gaumer has Screw Plugs in more then 2200 different configurations with capacities from .1kW to 68 kW.  Each configuration is available in NEMA 12, 4 and 7.

Gaumer has Flanged Heaters in more then 4300 different configuration with capacities from 1 kW to 1200 kW  Each configuration is available in NEMA 12, 4, and 7.
Over-the-side Immersion Heaters

Over-the-side heater with tank cover-plate included as part of the heater assembly.  Thermostatic control included with heater.
Component Heaters & Instruments

Specially bent tubular heater.  Gaumer stocks large quantities of hundreds of different kinds of these heaters.

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