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Air Coolers
Glycols/Oils/Brines Boils
Plate-Helical Type Finned Coils

Super Radiator Coils offers many different coil products, capabilities and options, and we pride ourselves on our dedication to designing coils for difficult and sophisticated configurations. From a single simple, small coil to high volume, complex, and large coils, we strive to provide solid and cost-effective solutions for our customers.

Customers need options and the latest technology to stay competitive, so we are constantly researching and designing coils for new applications, and expanding our capabilities and product lines. Our latest Super Steam Coil line is designed to better serve customers needing basic steam coils.

Within our site you can review and download specification information on our coil product lines and options. You can also search our database of coil types and see how they are applied, and read about the various services we provide to our customers.

Air Coolers Air Coolers
We offer a wide range of capabilities and features with our Air Cooled Heat Exchangers:
  • Commercial / light duty as well as heavy duty
  • Ship Engineered Products worldwide
  • Arrange structures to fit any field application
  • Offer complete packages
  • Have the resources to build any job
  • JIT, quality, materials, coatings, customer service, delivery, flexibility, certifications (ASME, NB, CE, CRN), ETC.) are all offered with our Engineered Products
  • Slab heads
  • Plug box heads
  • Pipe heads (for heat exchangers and eng. products)
  • Air cooled heat exchangers (ACHX)
  • Transitions units and controls

We have several different Applications and Markets for our Air Coolers:


  • Multi-stage compressor plus applications (jacket water coolers)
  • Oil Coolers
  • Multi-stage gas compression skids
  • Manual and thermostat controlled louver sets
  • Winterizing units
  • Units for corrosive environments


  • Genset (removes heat)
  • Power
  • Compression Skids
  • Petrochemical
  • Oil refineries
  • Facility process work
  • Natural gas refineries
  • Military applications


Copper Fins Coils
Glycols/Oils/Brines Coils
Super Radiator Coils can engineer coils for single phase fluids such as glycols and brines along with special heavy duty coils for thermal oils and gases in high temperature/pressure and corrosive industrial applications. Our large selection of tube patterns, fin styles, thermal enhancements, and circuiting arrangements allows coil performance to be optimized. Various materials and thicknesses, and protective coatings, are available to increase the coil’s service life, durability and corrosion resistance. These coils are similar to our water coils but designed for the properties of the fluid and rigors of the application. Coils requiring an assurance of strength for domestic and foreign markets, can be built, inspected and stamped to the ASME code.

For replacement coils or those needing to fit specific dimensions, our wide range of coil and tube sizes, fin spacing, and coil connection orientations allow for a drop-in coil fit. Other features can be added to further simplify installation and piping. Special options such as removable water boxes and removable frames can make the coil easily serviceable for cleaning, inspection or repair.

  Plate-Helical Type Finned Coils
Coils are used in many diverse applications, each having their own unique challenges. Super Radiator Coils plate or helical style of fin, as well as various tube patterns, allow our coils to easily adapt and meet such challenges.

Plate Fins – Each fin is cut from a sheet of flat material, then punched in a specific pattern that accommodates all the coil tubes. This is similar to stacked sheets of ring binder notebook paper. Over 20 different combinations of tube sizes and center patterns are available.

Helical Fins – (Also referred to as “Spiral Wrapped”), A narrow strip of material is tension wound onto individual coil tubes, like threads on a screw. Individually finned tubes can be positioned on nearly any desired tube center distance.

These are the most common fin styles on coils, each having its advantages, and allowing Super Radiator Coils to design the right coil for your particular application, and your special requirements.

Plate Fin Advantages Helical Fin Advantages
  • Low air friction
  • Increase thermal conductivity
  • Easy to clean and traps less dirt
  • Less fin material
  • Easy to apply coatings
  • Able to replace a single damaged tube
  • Tubes interlocked together
  • Compact fin bundle
  • Better vibration/tube sag strength
  • Vary tube face and row centers (Closer fit for replacement coils)
  • Wide fin spacing
  • Maintain fin bond at high temperatures
  • Handle ice and frost buildup
  • Use exotic tube materials
  • Tight fin-to-tube bond
  • Use extremely thick walled tube or pipe
  • Allows surface enhancements for increased thermal performance
  • Reverse tube pitch to drain multi-row coils for vertical airflow
  • Hydrostatic leak test each tube (standard)
  • Accommodates header and tube thermal expansion on tall/long coils
  • Position headers far from the cell

Plate fins are also available with optional surface enhancements.

  • Embossed
  • Corrugated Wave Pattern
  • Sine Wave Pattern
  • X-FinTM (Louvered)

These create different air flow patterns, boosting the coils ability to transfer heat. But they also create more air resistance. So the coil design has to balance its size, fin density, and fin enhancement to an acceptable air friction that the fan or system can accommodate.

These coil fin styles and enhancements are available on our basic coil product lines. They are also offered on many custom/specialized coils, depending on the tube size and materials required.

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